AG Eric Holder calls Operation Fast & Furious 'Reckless...'

The Obama administration – in the form of Attorney General Eric Holder – admitted today in Congressional testimony that Operation Fast & Furious program was ‘reckless,’ and will likely end up getting even more people killed.


Rep. Ted Poe, R-TX: Would you agree that this operation was reckless? It was a reckless operation on the part of the United States?

Attorney General Eric Holder: I mean, I think that the way that it was carried out I’d certainly say it was flawed, reckless, yeah I’d probably agree with that. I mean it was done inappropriately, and has had tragic consequences and is going – as I’ve said in my opening statement – it’s going to continue to have tragic consequences…

Rep. Poe: More people are going to die? Probably?

AG Holder: Unfortunately, I think that that’s probably true.

So. Let us recap.

  • The Obama administration created Operation Fast & Furious, which deliberately put large numbers of guns in the hands of people who were considered likely to resell them illegally to Mexican narco-terrorists.
  • The Obama administration did not follow the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms & Explosives’ own rules for selling guns in sting operations.
  • The Obama administration did not keep track of the guns.
  • The Obama administration did not inform the Mexican government that the USA was arming their country’s drug gangs.
  • The Obama administration did not do anything about the Mexican civilian deaths that resulted from Operation Fast & Furious.
  • The Obama administration did not keep our own country’s law enforcement personnel in the loop, which inevitably resulted in at least one of our own Border Agents getting shot (possibly even by a weapon that the Obama administration facilitated).
  • The Obama administration did not voluntarily tell the truth about any of this.
  • And there is at least some suggestion that the Obama administration had a domestic political agenda in mind. One involving domestic gun control.

Let’s not mince words: Eric Holder – and a bunch of other people mentioned by name in this article – needs to resign in disgrace. I don’t care whether he was complicit in Operation Fast & Furious or not; the actions of the Department of Justice are ultimately his responsibility, which means that so are the deaths that resulted from the DoJ’s incompetence/scheming/incompetent scheming. Let me focus on that last bit: people died because we gave other people guns and didn’t even try to control where those guns went. That makes this entire sorry mess a good deal more significant than the usual Washington scandal.

The Democrats don’t want to hear that, of course. Not that I really care.

Moe Lane (Crosspost)


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