An #OWS PSA for the voters in NY-08.

Focusing particularly on the voters within audible (and olfactory) range of Zuccotti Park, which is currently the somewhat squalid epicenter for the protesters: I am given to understand that increasing numbers of them are tired of the noise, the disruption of local business and residential life, and, of course, the defecation*.  I am also given to understand that those voters are not really getting any sort of real response to their concerns, mostly because the authorities tacitly accept the notion that a bunch of squatters get to have a say in this discussion:


“We really, really want to be good neighbors. We want to be involved with the community here,” said Tyler Combelic, an “Occupy Wall Street” protester.

Let me just drill down on this: the Occupy Wall Street movement has no right to the term ‘neighbor’ in this context.  The movement does not own any real estate in the area.  It does not rent any real estate in the area.  It certainly does not pay municipal taxes in the area.  Occupy Wall Street protesters are squatters.  The best upgrade to that status that they can hope to achieve would be that of guests.  And for the record: when a host asks a guest to keep it down, the polite – and prudent – guest does not give his or her host an argument about it.  The guest instead keeps it down.

Moving along: the city is probably not going to be all that helpful, and as for the Democratic party (NY-08 is a D+22 district)… well, the national party stands with the protesters; and as for their local Congressman Jerry Nadler?  He just loves himself some Occupy Wall Street.  His constituents who are actually stuck with having to hearing the drum circles and smell the urine?  Well… I didn’t see a letter on Nadler’s site complaining about that.  Guess that gives a good idea of his priority list.  So… if the city won’t help, and the current political party in charge won’t help, what’s a NY-08 voter to do?  Vote Republican?


…You know, that might actually work.  Certainly the New York Republican Party would agree.

Moe Lane (crosspost)

*H/T Jammie Wearing Fool and The Transom.


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