WFP wants you to "MAKE A DIFFERNENCE" for #OWS?

Mean of me to note the bad spelling in this let’s-just-screenshot-this-now Craigslist post from NY’s Working Families Party advertising for… well, it’s actually a bit hard to figure out just what open job position WFP is advertising for. Many people are assuming (or at least speculating) that it’s for warm bodies for the Occupy Wall Street protests themselves, but I’m not buying that: when you can get people to defecate on police cars for free, why pay them?


No, what’s actually happening here is just another example of the Democratic establishment* working to consolidate its control over the OWS leadership in order to keep pushing it in more acceptable directions (i.e., directions more in line with the desires of the Democratic establishment). In other words, it’s in line with the DCCC doing fundraising off of OWS, or former Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi’s bid for regaining relevance in a world where she’s routinely (and deservedly) ignored. And it’ll probably work, at that: by all accounts, the movement is trapped in precisely the sort of free-falling organizational nightmare that can be easily exploited by well-heeled outsiders who at least look like they know what they’re doing.

And, honestly? If the OWS organizational model is sufficiently confused as to exclude hearing from Rep. John Lewis, and include hearing from accused terrorist Tarek Mehanna, you can see why the (barely more) adult contingent of the Left wants so badly to get the leash back on…


Moe Lane (crosspost)

*It’s not exactly a secret that the WFP is designed to give progressives a socially-acceptable reason to vote for Democratic candidates (while telling said progressives that they’re actually ‘pushing the party to the left,’ or some other plausible-sounding nonsense). As this look at the 2010 NY state Assembly elections shows, the WFP routinely echoes the Democratic line.


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