On the Washington Post's embarrassing attempt at a Perry hit piece.

Background: there was a ranch in Texas with an unfortunate name*. Gov. Rick Perry’s father rented the hunting rights of the camp; when the family discovered that there was a rock on the premises with the aforementioned unfortunate name on it, they first painted over, then turned over, the rock**. Almost thirty years pass. In the meantime, Rick Perry switches parties; takes over the hunting rights; watches as the Texas legislature handles the problem of unfortunate names; gets elected Governor; and eventually stops using the property. The Washington Post, apparently looking to replicate the same magic in 2011 that caused them in 2009 to be rechristened The Washington Bob McDonnell’s Thesis, begins the process of trying to blow this story up.


Contra Jim Geraghty, who is wearily tired of junk like this, I submit that it would be fairly simple to counter the WaPo’s rather naked and fairly sad agitprop; and it involves using Gov. McDonnell’s strategy of calling in any paper that’s interested to a media availability. Once there, Gov. Perry should simply patiently explain the circumstances of the ranch, over and over and over and over again, until the other papers realize that the WaPo’s being gonzo partisan crazy again and go find something else to report about.

Then the rest of us can laugh at the WaPo as they try harder and harder to be the news, rather than report it…

Moe Lane (crosspost)

*Euphemism deliberate.  If you want to go look up the name, go find a lefty blogger.  Being white liberals, they’re more or less overjoyed at the prospect of being able to use the word in public and get away with it… oops, did I just type that out? Bad Moe! Bad! No biscuit!


**Note, by the way, that the family didn’t actually have the right as hunting rights leaseholders to do either – although I can’t imagine that anybody was going to sue them for that.


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