NY-09, NV-02 Special Election Results Open Thread.

[Final UPDATE, 12:15 AM]: We got ’em both.

Polls just closed in NY-09.  AP Results here.

Polls in NV-02 still open until 7 PM Pacific. [UPDATE: Polls closed.  Results here.]


UPDATE, 10:03 PM: For the record, if the final result is as below (it won’t be)…

…then the Democrats are going to be ticked.

UPDATE, 10:45 PM: OK, more seriously.  With 12% of the vote in, Turner’s ahead 56/44 and it’s starting to look like the Republican might actually win the Queens part of the district as well as the Brooklyn one (Turner was aiming for doing well enough).

UPDATE, 10:50 PM: we need a better NV-02 counter.

UPDATE, 10:56 PM: Annnnnnnnnd… two districts have reported in in NV-02!  This is going to be a lonnnnng night.


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