Mitt Romney beclowns the Netroots on job growth.

I don’t normally devote the front page of RedState to Twitter nonsense from the Online Left – aside from everything else, the netroots are horrifically bad at Twitter, which makes it not quite sporting – but I’ll make an exception in this case.


The short version: the campaign of Republican Presidential candidate Mitt Romney put out a chart today as part of his jobs plan that happened to show historical data on our five most recent recessions. It was done up as a bar graph, with red and blue bars: the red bars showed jobs lost in the recession, while the blue bars showed the jobs added in the 24 months following. I’m quoting, by the way: the legend was clearly printed on the chart.   Here, look for yourself:

This is a problem for the netroots, seeing as the graph fairly clearly shows that for the first time in at least thirty years there has not been a net gain in jobs in the two year period since the end of a particular recession (translation: Obama’s job recovery is unique in its feckless uselessness).   Desperate to avoid admitting – even to themselves – that their man-god has so abjectly failed them, therefore, agents of Media Matters and Daily Kos have been trying to pretend that Romney was claiming that Obama was in office in 2007 (with a manic, if not hysteric, subtext of Look at the stupid Republican, please, god, LOOK AT THE STUPID REPUBLICAN WHY WON’T YOU LOOK AT THE STUPID REPUBLICAN OH god THIS ALWAYS WORKED BEFORE)… which was such a ridiculous argument that the noted Right Wing Death Beasts over at Talking Points Memo had to gently tell them that no, Romney was not saying that.  Not that this will be enough to get the netroots to pay attention to objective reality, bless their hearts… so our own Ben Howe has taken the trouble to make the situation clear to Oliver Willis, Markos Moulitsas, and everybody else on the Online Left with a room temperature IQ.


We at RedState hope that this helps.  Actually, no, that’s a lie.  We at RedState hope that this burns like acid.

Moe Lane


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