We shall have Alan Grayson to kick around some more.

The fellow is planning to run for Congress again. Alan Grayson is, of course, the frothing lunatic who was elected to FL-08 in 2008… and then promptly lost his first re-election in 2010, mostly because he was, well, a frothing lunatic who called his opponent (one Daniel Webster*) a member of the Taliban and made up stuff about Webster at a level not usually seen outside of a special Mighty Morphin Power Rangers episode about corrupt politicians… assuming such an episode was ever made. And I kind of hope that one was; Grayson was and is certainly oily enough to be a live-action cartoon villain.


Mind you, Grayson may not be actually in FL-08 when this is over – or Rep. Webster may not be, for that matter. The Florida legislature is in the process of redistricting the state to reflect their picking up two seats in Congress, and they’re not really keen about outsiders interfering in the process. This is partially due to state legislators’ fairly standard reluctance to not let what will already be a fraught situation be made worse by rampaging incumbents; but it’s also partially due to the so-called “Fair Districtsconstitutional amendments that passed last year. Those amendments were designed to reform the redistricting process, and in the long run they may even actually do that. But in the short run they promise to touch off what could be an epic battle in the courts over whether said amendments should take precedence over the racial gerrymandering guidelines set up by the Voting Rights Act.

In other news, we don’t actually know which district get to be the one where Alan Grayson humiliates himself by trying to get elected again on a combination of bile, spite, and smarm. But we can at least be reassured that he’ll be there to be humiliated. Which is almost a shame: I was looking forward to never watching him be a MSNBC commentator (just like the rest of the country)…


Moe Lane (crosspost)

*Oh, yes, indeed, we made the obvious joke. Quite a bit, in fact.



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