Shelly Moore's (D CAND, WI-SEN) UNETHICAL recall freeloading.

Before we go any further, let’s establish something right now.  As this complaint from the WI GOP shows (see more here), Shelly Moore was well aware that she was not supposed to be using her school account to coordinate and encourage both the Big Labor protests earlier in the year and recall efforts against Wisconsin Senators (particularly since she ended up being the Democratic candidate opposing State Senator Sheila Harsdorf).  This cannot be contested.  Shelly Moore herself admitted as such… in a work email:


Shelly Moore just didn’t care. That’s not a bowdlerization: she said, explicitly, “I don’t frankly care.”  Despite the fact that her activities violate an ethical pledge that Moore signed when she started working as a public school teacher.  Despite the fact that there are good and valid reasons why public sector employees must not give even the appearance of impropriety when it comes to separating out their private and public activities – let alone now, when Moore was in fact acting improperly.  Despite the fact that the state of Wisconsin gave her that email account in order to do her job, which was not “coordinate union- and Democrat-backed protests against the state government – while on the public dime.”  And despite the fact that Shelly Moore is in a position to personally profit quite nicely from all of these activities, given that she’s a candidate for political office now.  Nope.  None of these considerations matter.


Because Shelly Moore just doesn’t care.

Sheila Harsdorf for re-election to Wisconsin State Senate.  Unless, of course, you just don’t care, either.

Moe Lane (crosspost)

*The ellipsis represents the removal of some wildly inaccurate agitprop, but – fortunately for Shelly Moore – rank stupidity is not actually illegal in the state of Wisconsin.


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