BREAKING: Anthony Weiner to resign House seat.

Unconfirmed as of yet, but it’s honestly the only option that the man has at this point, especially since his own party was publicly throwing him under the bus.  Presumably somebody offered him a sufficiently lucrative golden parachute.


Moving along, let us first get the obligatory parting shot out of the way…

…as you might have guessed from the picture and the subtitle, there is a strict upper limit to the amount of sympathy that I – or my colleagues – are going to show towards soon-to-be-former Rep. Weiner for not only his transgressions, but his rather transparent attempts to cover them up.  For that matter, the kind of commentary and tone that he’s demonstrated in the past means that he richly deserved the slow-motion destruction of his life, career, and personal dreams over the last few weeks.  But Weiner’s supposedly got a kid coming, so I will say this: take this opportunity to revisit your life choices, Tony.  You can still salvage your family from the wreck.  You want to do that.

Because, really, at this point you have nothing else left.

Moe Lane (crosspost)


PS: Now, this comment is directed to the Left, and I don’t mind being nasty about it: you folks do realize that Andrew Breitbart and his New Media krew has gotten another scalp off of you, right?  Nice job reinforcing Andrew’s reputation among the media as being somebody that the media has to take seriously, by the way.

I mean, honestly, Breitbart et. al. played you folks like a violin.  That’s one of the reasons that so many prominent Democrats are fuming right now; they – and you – burned a lot of credibility on defending Weiner, and it’s not like there was a surplus of credibility to spare.


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