Tim Pawlenty calls Barack Obama a doofus.

It’s amusing how casually this was tossed out. Tim Pawlenty, in an ABC interview – and in the process of restraining himself from rolling his eyes at Christine Amanpour’s bipartisan* fetish:


I think that any doofus can go to Washington, DC and maintain the status quo or incrementally change things…


‘Doofus’ would mean someone who was relatively low-performing.

It’s also amusing that there’s a thoroughly cross-spectrum consensus out there that Pawlenty was specifically calling President Obama a doofus, there. Then again, the average Lefty blogger would – public protestations to the contrary – privately admit (after three or four drinks*, and a quick check for uncontrolled recording equipment) that to call the President ‘relatively low-performing’ would be an example of ‘Minnesota Nice‘…

Full video after the fold. Including a definite smack at the President over school choice.

Moe Lane (crosspost)


*Waste of good booze, of course.


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