Two new NY-26 ads.

Both of which are hitting Jack Davis, who is doing his level best to throw the special election there to the Democrats.  Davis, for those who do not remember, has been running as a Democrat in this district for years, and is now cynically trying to use the Tea Party name to hurt the GOP this year: he’s also a somewhat insane fellow who wants to turn urban blacks and Latinos into migrant crop workers.


No.  Really.  Apparently, he thought that this would be a selling point for New York Republicans, God help us all.  And God spare us from Democrats who can’t tell the Republicans living inside their heads from the Republicans in the actual, real world: even when they’re trying to pander to us it comes off as very, very creepy.

Anyway: NRCC ad above the fold; American Crossroads one below it.  And Jane Corwin is the actual Republican/Conservative candidate in this election; she would certainly love to hear from you.



Moe Lane (crosspost)


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