Permit me to correct the New York Times.

A few days ago, the New York Times made the following (somewhat bitter) comment, in the process of trying to pretend that we’re all racists over here on the Right:


[Obama’s] administration took too long to find its footing on Egypt’s transition and in Libya, but it was not because, as the popular conservative blog RedState said, he is a “trainee president.”

(H/T: James Taranto)

A point of order, here: if you were to click on the link (post written by reader cmndr45*) then you will find that this was a diary, not a front page piece.  This is a common error made by Old Media types, particularly ones who have difficulty adapting to New Media paradigms; the concept that there can be controllable tiers of of information dissemination privileges can be surprisingly hard to understand by those with insufficient mental flexibility. I note all of this because Old Media entities already are notoriously bad at telling writers on group websites and blogs apart: it’s best that we not allow them to start failing to distinguish between various levels of permitted access.

Still, perish the thought that we should have to wait several decades for the Old Grey Lady to get around to a correction, so here goes: President Barack Obama is in point of fact a trainee President with virtually no practical life skills, woefully inadequate inexperience, precious little in the way of a proper aptitude for governance, and – most annoying – an inherent unwillingness to change any of the above, or in fact partake in any sort of internal program of either self-discovery, or self-improvement.  We have been saddled with him – at least until, God willing, January 2013 – largely because the news media (most assuredly including the New York Times) is largely composed of guilt-ridden liberals so desperate to conquer their own internal, racist demons that they jumped upon a cultist bandwagon that turned an inexperienced, frankly dull urban liberal academic into the understudy for the Messiah.  And now that President Obama has in fact landed his first real job since, I believe, his teenaged stint at Baskin-Robbins, we (meaning, ‘the rest of the country’) are now forced to somehow teach him enough to keep the United States of America – and, by extension, Western Civilization – from going belly-up before we can put in someone who is actually competent.


I hope that this clears up any confusion on the part of the New York Times.

Moe Lane
Contributor/Site Moderator

PS: The above statement represents my personal opinion and statements on the matter, and should not be taken as the official position of  Which you knew already, but the New York Times is confused enough as it is.



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