The Righteous Indignation Book party.

Righteous Indignation: Excuse Me While I Save the World! is, of course, Andrew Breitbart’s latest book; and I had the opportunity to schmooze meet up with folks from The Daily Caller / Americans for Tax Reform at a book party that they threw for Andrew yesterday.  I finished  the book itself today: it’s very accessible, and while it told me a lot of stuff that I already knew (from both an outsider’s and an insider’s perspective*) it should be a good deal of help to people who want to get into the political arena and start swinging.  And, incidentally: “go out there and start swinging” (in a purely metaphorical sense, of course) is the central message of the book.  Good advice, too.


Videos below the fold: the first is Andrew’s general speech (which has some profanity in it, so click through the link to actually see the speech), and the second is the minute I was able to gouge out of his time to get him to answer a question for RedState.  It was a busy book party for Andrew, in other words. (Andrew’s speech)


Moe Lane (crosspost)

PS: Ace of Spades – who is a good guy with a very good, and very irreverent, blog – was also there.

*No, I’m not claiming any sort of inner-circle status here, for any of the shenanigans mentioned in the book.  But the truth is that I am a blogger for one of the most influential and connected Republican/conservative websites out there, and it seems faintly silly to pretend instead that I’m a guy sitting at a computer desk wearing pajamas.




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