Speaker Boehner gets three minutes of President Obama's time...

…for the trivial issue of trying to avoid a government shutdown this Friday.  Unfortunately, it was only three minutes; nothing was accomplished in that time period, which means that we’re still on track for said government shutdown by the Democrats.  And there probably won’t be any more meaningful negotiations today, mostly because President Obama has dinner plans tonight.  Dinner plans involving Al Sharpton – because while keeping our soldiers paid and everything is all very well, what’s really important is the 2012 election.



You know, there is an endemic conspiracy theory out there that suggests that the United States is actually run by a shadow government that operates all of our Presidents like puppeteers operating, well, puppets.  I am here to tell you that this is obviously not the case; and I further submit that it is in some ways a shame that this is not the case – because if it were the case then we might have some faint hope of FINDING SOMEBODY WITH COMMAND AUTHORITY WHO WAS INTERESTED IN EXERCISING SOME.

Honestly, I don’t know why Obama is running for re-election.  He obviously hates the job, and resents the rest of us for expecting him to actually do it.

Moe Lane (crosspost)

Full disclosure: I will be personally affected by the current Republican proposal to fully fund the military until a permanent CR/Budget is passed.


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