Wisconsin Democrat Joanne Kloppenburg ignored abuse victim's pleas.

Background: Earlier this month, Wisconsin Democrats* created a campaign ad against incumbent Supreme Court Justice David Prosser that was so slimy that it sparked a formal protest by one of the abuse victims that Wisconsin Democrats were pretending to care about.  Not that such a protest even remotely slowed down Joanne Kloppenburg, of course: the woman is so desperate to win next week’s Supreme Court election for the Democratic party that she adamantly refused to even mildly condemn the contemptible ad when asked outright about it.  So the victim** tried again, personally reaching out to Kloppenburg and asking her to at do something about this attack as being unworthy of both her campaign and her political affiliation.  Let him tell you what happened with that:



Of course she refused: that’s because people like Joanne Kloppenburg only apologize to people that matter.  Next time, the man should wave the maximum campaign contribution allowed under Wisconsin state law in Kloppenburg’s face first if he wants to be taken seriously by her…

Moe Lane (crosspost)

PS: David Prosser’s site is here.

*I’m not going to pretend that I believe their pious evasions.

**I’m no Democratic politician: I can’t give this guy much privacy at this point, but what I can give, I will.


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