Yes, yes, I know: who? I invite the reader to go back to an understated post of mine from September 2010 entitled “Elizabeth Warren will rise from the sea to destroy us all!“: essentially, it was being argued by the Left that appointing this woman to be the first head of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) would save the House of Representatives for the Democratic party. Apparently, putting her in charge of yet another new regulatory agency (this one mandated by Dodd-Frank) would be the killer app, the silver bullet, the Secret Sauce that would get progressives out of their seats and simply flood all those Blue-in-Red polling stations in a cerulean tide of majority-retention. Really. Elizabeth Warren would save the House.


And lo, the mocking stretched to the heavens. Even in what was turning out to be an excellent campaign season for stupid political brainstorming by the Democrats, this one was pretty prime*.

I bring all of this up because what eventually happened was that Warren was made “Special Advisor” for the CFPB, which essentially means that she was put in charge of developing it and effectively meant that she was put in charge of it, period. Oddly enough, the House flipped anyway – perhaps without that Special Advisorship we would have gotten 126 seats? – and now Barney Frank is going around saying that it’s looking less and less likely that Elizabeth Warren will ever be confirmed (H/T Instapundit). Apparently, Congress doesn’t have the votes to confirm, and the President doesn’t have the spine to push the issue.

Which makes me wonder: if that happens, will this be “the last betrayal of the Democratic base” prophesied last September? – Because you have to wonder how many times the Online Left can get kicked in the teeth like this before they snap like an aging rubber band.


Moe Lane (crosspost)

*How prime? This prime.


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