Fox reporter embarrasses Think Progress dolt at CPAC.

If you are not reading this on a computer that can show you YouTube videos, GO TO A COMPUTER THAT CAN SHOW YOU YOUTUBE VIDEOS. Lakeshore Laments described this video as “Fox News reporter [Jesse Watters] messing with the Think Progress clown” (at CPAC), which is accurate, but not nearly an epic enough description.  Which is not Lakeshore Laments’ fault: some things needs to be seen to be believed, and Watters giving an impromptu explanation of how to do a video ambush while never breaking stride is one of them.



If you’re wondering why the Online Left so totally whiffed on gotcha video journalism in 2010, it’s because stuff like the above represented the pinnacle of their craft.  Heck, it was the pinnacle of their craft in 2008 and 2006, but back then the Online Left had the advantage of being early adopters.

They just never bothered to get any better.

Moe Lane (crosspost)

PS: Not to mess with the way that Watters rolls – because that was awesome – but you don’t need a sound guy and a dedicated camera guy to do this sort of thing.  You do need another guy to film you being filmed, and you do need to be prepared, and you do need to keep your hand from shaking – but you don’t need the gear that Fox News takes for granted.  Just ask Bob Etheridge.


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