Live Action's latest: NY and the Reproductive Health Act.

Live Action has released its latest video (unedited, full footage here), and it’s a doozy [UPDATE: this video should work, now]:



For those without video access, it’s the usual “Hi! I’m a pimp who has underaged illegal immigrant hookers! What can you guys do for me?” – and the answer, this time, is to walk the pimp through the process of vouching for said underaged illegal immigrant hookers in order to make the paperwork come out right. Because, you know, as the Planned Parenthood staffer noted: nobody checks the paperwork. Which is a very large, and exceptionally infuriating, issue: for almost forty years the pro-life movement has been told (usually snottily) that there were in fact laws and regulations that would prevent abuses of the system. Well. A law that is not enforced is not really a law at all.

Moving along, I’ve argued earlier that Live Action was picking its sting locations for their political impact. It turns out that the New York state legislature is in the process of trying to pass a bill called the Reproductive Health Act, which would allow essentially unlimited access to abortion.  The RHA has passed the (Democratic) Assembly, but has not yet passed the (now-Republican) Senate.  One wonders if Senate Majority Leader Dean Skelos is going to be eager to help out with that, now that it’s come out that Planned Parenthood is routinely corrupting the paperwork anyway…


(H/T: Hot Air)

Moe Lane (crosspost)

PS: Planned Parenthood – oddly enough!has just announced that it’s about to start a major retraining program for its members, the better to stop them from aiding and abetting felonies in the future.  That this is considered adequate damage control makes one wonder what’s on the tapes that haven’t been released yet.


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