Salon's Joan Walsh lies to her readers.

Stupidly, too.

Ace of Spades lays it all out: the short version is that Joan Walsh not only deliberately altered a quote from Obama’s Tucson speech to cut out a passage critical of the Left’s obscene reflex to blame the Tucson shootings on the Right; she then had the unmitigated gall to invite her readers to look to the altered quote as proof that the President was not “pointing fingers as he urged us not to point fingers.” Ace waxed pretty wroth about this, and you should read the whole thing; I took a half hour to put together a video that may hopefully demonstrate exactly how badly Walsh corrupted the President’s words.



I’m also going to point out that Joan Walsh would probably be among the first wave of pundits to call for the firing of a conservative who tried to lie to his or her readers the way that Walsh lied to hers. I note this not to shame her: clearly, she has none in the first place.

Moe Lane (crosspost)


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