Paul Ryan slices and dices Obamacare.

You know, the Democratic party is probably really regretting not targeting Paul Ryan‘s seat last quarter. Not that it would have actually worked, but at least they could have told themselves that they tried to avert events like these:



For those without video, this is three and three-quarter minutes’ worth of Rep. Ryan ripping apart last year’s useless CBO report on Obamacare costs, with some additional commentary added in on how you can reconcile said CBO report claiming that Obamacare will reduce the deficit while the CBO is saying elsewhere that Obamacare will increase the debt. Short version: when looking at the deficit the CBO was forced by the then-majority party to make assumptions that they couldn’t make while looking at the debt. Shorter version: Democratic politicians lie.

One last note: this is why you want to have the majority in Congress, by the way. As Ranking Member of the Budget Committee, Rep. Ryan would have had to fight and push for the opportunity to get even a minute to try to push back on Democratic agitprop: as Budget Chair he can take as much time as he darn well needs to smack down whatever nonsense that might hove into view. Do not underestimate the power to set, define, and steer the agenda; particularly do not underestimate the power to prevent people from peremptorily shutting you up.


Moe Lane (crosspost)

PS: Rep. Ryan also explained, for the slow of brain, why the Republicans are pushing this in the House even though they don’t control the Senate: it’s because this is the right thing to do, and the GOP said that they would do this. In other words: principles.



Oh, just look it up, ye Democratic Beltway elites…


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