Vulgarity on display: antiwar demonstration in Chicago.

OK. I need to apologize in advance for this video footage, given that it ends with some pretty foul things said about the wife of the Israeli Prime Minister. While I think that it’s important that people see what kind of attitudes and language is considered acceptable by the antiwar movement, I also recognize that actually being exposed to it without warning is unfair to decent human beings. That’s why I put the video after the fold: the sexual slurs are at the end, right after the conspiracy theories about the Gaza flotilla and wild-eyed accusations of Israeli genocide without bothering to provide any, well, truth.


The good news? There weren’t many of these fools on the streets of Chicago. The bad news? As it stands, they’re all smugly aware that they’ll never suffer any kind of ill effects in their liberal social circles for trying to destroy the nation of Israel. The worst news? Apparently, some of these folks are Jewish themselves, and I can’t really comment on that without risking a violation of Godwin’s Law…


Moe Lane (crosspost)



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