Pelosi, Hoyer, and Clyburn share a smaller pie.

I’m not… appalled: this is minority-party business, and as such is not likely to interfere with the real business of the House anyway.  But… wow.  Just… wow.  They’re going to short-circuit the looming Hoyer/Clyburn Minority Whip fight by giving Clyburn an extra-special new #3 position, just for him!  No word on the duties, privileges, job description, or even the name of said position (I suggest Super-Magical Double-Rainbow Space Pony Universe Champion, but that’s just me) – but it’s definitely the #3 slot!


The real question is: is this an opportunity to go after Hoyer (and thus what remaining House ‘moderates’ still survive) by putting Clyburn into a position to weaken the Whip’s job?  Or is this yet another instance where Pelosi and her party demonstrates the soft bigotry of lowered expectations by giving the senior African-American Democrat* in Congress a meaningless title (while making sure that Clyburn stays in his assigned place in the Democratic party’s hierarchy)?  I could see it going either way… or maybe the Democratic leadership just doesn’t care enough about either group to favor one above the other.  Which would honestly not surprise me in the slightest, honestly.

Via Hot Air.

Moe Lane (crosspost)

*I’ll have to get used to distinguishing between Democratic and Republican African-Americans in Congress now, I guess.  Aw, shucks.


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