Pelosi partying like it's 2006.

Odd, isn’t it?  The GOP wins big last Tuesday night, and we – like adults – avoid unseemly celebrations about it.  Given the almost double-digit unemployment, horrible economy, crushing debt load, and the rest of the Democratic legacy we’re inheriting, it seems… childish… to make the welkin ring*.  But by God Nancy Pelosi’s going to have a party on Wednesday ‘honoring the accomplishments’ of the 111th Congress.  You know: the double-digit unemployment, horrible economy, crushing debt load, and all that.


Mind you, this is mostly to convince those House members who managed to survive Pelosi’s help this election cycle that they want to make her their leader in the next election cycle, too.  I’d say that going along with this mad scheme of the woman’s was insane, but then it’d leave me without a word to adequately describe the belief that shoving Obamacare down all of our throats would somehow translate into gaining seats.

Moe Lane (crosspost)

*A ‘welkin’ is actually an archaic word for ‘sky’ or ‘cloud;’ so to ‘make the welkin ring’ means ‘to make the heavens themselves reverberate with sound’ (usually celebratory).  Just in case you ever wondered.


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