Ivy League to bring back ROTC any second now, right?

Instapundit passes along an excellent point from one of his readers: the Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell policy has been ordered suspended, via judicial fiatThe military has complied with the court order, although they strongly disagree with it: there is a moratorium on enforcing DADT, and openly gay soldiers may serve.  Whether you are happy with this development or not*, there is one detail about this which is kind of important: the stated reason Ivy League colleges typically give for forbidding ROTC programs on campus has just gone away.  The military just stopped discharging openly gay soldiers.  It’s over.  The Ivy League won.


So let’s get those ROTC programs back on those campuses.


Seriously. Theoretically, this should happen by, say, lunchtime: but the effective deadline for this is by next January.  That’s when at least one House of Congress abruptly shifts to the control of the political party that takes the Solomon Amendment seriously.  Not to mention the political party that’s going to be looking for places to cut the budget everywhere they can.

Hint.  Hint.  [Expletive deleted] hint.

Moe Lane (crosspost)

*Full disclosure: I support ending DADT, but not by the unilateral decision of the judiciary branch.  This decision should be under the purview of either the legislative or executive branches (preferably, both – and with the counsel of the military itself at least sought); if judges want to make laws then they can run for Congress like everybody else.


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