Missouri updates.

It’s been an interesting week for Missouri, so I thought that I’d look at the races that matter on the federal level (all of the Republican-held House seats in Missouri are pretty much safe at this point).  In order:

  • MO-SEN: It would seem that Robin Carnahan’s desire to distance herself from the President is hurting her with a critical segment of Democratic voters: African-Americans, who do not see why a Democratic candidate should distance him- or herself from a Democratic President – and particularly this President.  Mind you, the way the race is improving for Roy Blunt, at this point we’re just seeing how far the rubble bounces anyway.
  • MO-01: Incumbent William Lacy Clay apparently thinks that a delay by the EPA in cleaning up a particular site is “environmental racism.”  And now you know why Robyn Hamlin is running for Congress.
  • MO-03: Hey, Ed Martin raised $400K last quarter!  We know this because it’s alarming the heck out of Russ Carnahan, who… neglected to mention how well he did.  Which is interesting, given that they were fairly close in cash-on-hand as of the middle of July.  Does Russ need more money from his family?
  • MO-04: Ike Skelton will attend candidate forums, sure – if you call him out on it enough – but he won’t take questions from the attendees, nor will he debate generally.   And now you know why Vicky Hartzler’s running, too.  24thState‘s reminded me that Vicky has a moneybomb going on today: hint, hint.
  • MO-05:  Emanuel Cleaver apparently learned his lesson from that disastrous attempt to race-bait the Tea Party: he’s been keeping a low profile since.  Jacob Turk for Congress anyway.

Good week, in other words.

Moe Lane (crosspost)


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