Left freaks out over Moe Tucker.

For those who don’t know – and come, I will conceal nothing from you; until five minutes ago, this included me* – Ms. Tucker was a drummer for the Velvet Underground, which for a certain segment of the population makes her instantly cooler than squeezable bacon. Well, in April of 2009 a ‘Maureen Tucker’ showed up at a Georgia Tea Party:



…and Instapundit, Reason, and I are all entertained to discover that this is freaking out people, now that that the story’s out (a year and a half later). They are actually depressed and in denial at the thought that an older lady and mother who once played the drums for a band they liked might be upset that the economy’s in free fall; searching Google blogs for “moe tucker” should be good for at least a half hour of entertainment. That is, if you’re the sort who would enjoy watching random people from the Other Side go through an episode of existential dread and mild terror at the thought that one of their icons is one of… one of… one of THEM.

No, it’s not exactly cognitive dissonance; this is more the activating event that causes cognitive dissonance. I’m sure that the rationalizations will start pretty soon, though.

Moe Lane (crosspost)

*I cannot know everything, and I have never been ‘cool.’ Massively awesome, sure: but never ‘cool.’


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