Good Mourning, Democrats.

Citizens For The Republic would like to take this opportunity to remind the American people that elections have consequences:



Andrew Malcolm calls the “Mourning in America” ad “powerful,” and it is: it’s a deliberate updating of the classic “Morning in America” ad, and as Kathleen Parker notes its power lies in how… sad… it is, compared to the original.  It is, indeed, sad: it is also devastating.  The central problem for the Democrats right now is that they own an economy that has grown measurably worse since they took Congress in 2006 and devastatingly worse since they took all three branches of government in 2008; and unlike 2008, the American populace knows which party is running Congress.  Which is why people are quietly preparing for a shift of power in at least the House, and quite possibly the Senate as well.

Before a lurker privately scoffs at that last part of that sentence, contemplate: a year ago the first part of it would have been the object of mockery.  Now it’s a perfectly reasonable assumption, based on the current data.

Moe Lane  (Crosspost)


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