Rick Boucher (D, VA-09) buys new car with campaign money.

Via… Not Larry Sabato, who cannot be happy about the fact that his fully-justified anger at seeing a 14 term Democratic Congressman use campaign finance money to buy himself a nice, new car is now showing up as yet another reason why to vote for Rick Boucher’s opponent Morgan Griffith, who is not using special-interest money to buy himself shiny new automobiles.  I know this because I just called to check; and the sound of their laughter at the very thought…


Moe Lane

PS: For extra giggles, Boucher sabotaged his own administration’s fiscal policies by buying a Ford.  What, Government Motors wasn’t good enough for the Democrat?  Didn’t the government buy that company for our own good?

PPS: Morgan is also campaigning on the idea of cutting Congress’s pay by 10%.

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