Diane Denish (D CAND, NM-GOV) smeared by own attack ad?

The very short version: the NEA put up an attack ad for Denish and against frontrunner Susana Martinez that featured a teacher who proceeded to badmouth Martinez’s education strategy. The only problem? Martinez happens to have been the prosecutor who put said teacher’s husband away for 23 years for kidnapping – something that was not exactly brought up in the first campaign ad, and which certainly calls into question the true source of the teacher’s ire. Naturally, the Martinez campaign is taking advantage of this mistake:


And, just as naturally, the Denish campaign is explaining their involvement in all of this in classic Democratic fashion:

The [Albuquerque] Journal asked the Denish campaign whether it knew about the NEA’s ad ahead of time, whether it had approved it ahead of time and whether it approved of the ad now that information about Trujillo’s ex-husband had surfaced.

The campaign did not respond to any of the questions.

Susana Martinez for Governor

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