Democrats Acting Badly Watch: IL-17 AND IL-18!

This cropped up at one of Phil Hare’s events.  Some background (you can see the raw video here): Phil Hare was doing his best to ignore his constituents’ rather pointed questions about Hare’s lack of awareness when it came to Constitutional law; eventually Hare fled to an area where said constituents could not follow; they turned to leave; and then a Democrat called one of them a seven letter obscenity.


And that’s when the fun started (starts with a swearword).

Turns out that the guy is apparently Charles Giger, the husband and the chief of staff of DK Hirner, who has been tapped to lose the IL-18 Congressional election to Aaron Schock.  Which leads to an interesting question: did Giger try to hide his wife’s campaign button to protect her, or to protect Phil Hare? – Because Hirner’s not only far too progressive for IL-18 (R+6); these days she’d be iffy for IL-17 (D+3).  The last thing that the Hare campaign needs right now is any sort of association with left-wing extremists.

After all, isn’t Nancy Pelosi enough?

Moe Lane

PS: Bobby Schilling’s campaign manager probably doesn’t hide his campaign buttons from the cameras.  Jsut saying, that’s all.

PPS: A bit of an in-joke, but funny:

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