Pick out Russ Feingold's Union Bosses!

Ed Morrissey at Hot Air is hosting a fun new game: spot the union shills pretending to be normal people in Russ Feingold’s latest misleading campaign ad.  So far out of the six ‘plain folks,’ two have been identified as being union corporate suits:


That’s Joanne Ricca, AFL-CIO Legislative and Research Director.  And this…

is Linda Sadowski, who works in “the office of the President.” What are you willing to bet that the others are likewise part and parcel of the special interest groups that are now starting to worry about losing a pet Senator? Well, there’s an easy way to find out. Below the fold are the other folks featured in the ad: possibly someone here might recognize both them and their place on the AFL-CIO management hierarchy?  – Because we all know that Russ Feingold doesn’t know anybody real

Here you go:

…OK, OK, that last one’s a ringer: he’s not on the formal AFL-CIO org chart.  He’s just that guy currently losing to Ron Johnson.


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