Bush's Rorschach moment?

As you might have gathered, there’s been a surge of Strange New Respect for George W Bush lately from Lefty pundits and commentators who have abruptly become aware that they have somehow become part of a fringe extremist movement (in reality, many of them always were; they’re just getting ‘credited’ for it now). Jim Treacher lists some of these new supplicants to Bush, and offers the former President some advice on how to respond to them:


I’d love for somebody to ask Bush about it, and for him to say something to this effect: “Thanks for asking, but according to President Obama, I’ve caused enough problems already. I’m sure you folks can figure it out without me.” And then smile, and wish the questioner a nice day, and walk away.

I am completely in agreement with that attitude. Why? Because of this:

That moment of time set the tone for this administration, mostly because this administration allowed its supporters to get away with something that outrageous without even trying to push back on it. In fact, you know that this administration collectively grinned inside to see its supporters openly mock President Bush on his way out the door. But it’s not January 2009 anymore; it’s August 2010, and now the Left needs the guy to save them. Because let me be clear – and unlike the current President, I am not using that line to mean “I’m going to lie to you know” – this is not about national security. This is not about the USA’s global standing. This is not even about Muslims. All of these people want George Bush’s help to rescue them from their domestic political jam.


He might throw them a lifeline anyway: it’d be an undeserved mercy, but mercies often are. But if not… karma. It’s what’s for dinner.

Moe Lane

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