Howard Dean... wants the mosque moved.

The audio is here – he’s definitely of the opinion that while the backers of the Ground Zero Mosque have the right to build one on their own property (the mainstream position), they should show some delicacy and consideration for national feelings on the matter and move the mosque somewhere else (which is also the mainstream position).  Of course, being Howard Dean he later called the Republicans a bunch of race-baiters, but that’s just Howard Dean being Howard Dean.  The man has never recovered from the embarrassment of being Governor of what may be the single most Caucasian state of the Union, so he tends to overcompensate for that whenever possible.  I suppose that it’s cheaper than therapy…


Moving on, I’m going to break a rule and give some Left-blogs traffic – the business of RedState is the Democratic party, not their cheerleading squad – mostly because their responses are really pretty funny.  It’s like somebody killed their dog.

  • Glenn Greenwald (although they’re cheered by Feingold’s response.  Mind you, at this rate that’ll be academic after January 2011).
  • TPM (restrained, yet bitter; their diarists are… bitter).
  • Truthdig (this poor guy was so infuriated that he called Dean just like THAT WOMAN).
  • Think Progress (this one, for the comments.  The first one called 70% of America ‘domestic terrorists’ and things just went downhill from there).
  • And, of course… Daily Kos (Drink their pain, my droogies.  Drink it deep).

I’m sure that there are more examples, but I don’t want to give my readers radiation poisoning.



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