A theory on 2010 candidates and the Ground Zero Mosque.

It is as follows: the Democratic candidates that come out wholeheartedly in support of President Obama’s position – whatever it actually ends up being – are the ones who must rely on the President’s largess in order to have any hope to survive.


This is why we see Alexi Giannoulias* and Lee Fisher** echoing the President’s language in Illinois, while Harry Reid*** in Nevada does not; and why Jeff Greene in Florida doesn’t, yet Charlie Crist**** does.  I’m not going to claim that this is a law of physics, or anything – but if you’re wondering why any Democrat to the right of Dennis Kuchinich is being loud and supportive of the Ground Zero mosque, well, check their cash-on-hand totals.  This issue may be the latest price for support, such as it is, from the White House .

Which is going to make Dick Blumenthal***** of Connecticut’s eventual response interesting….

Moe Lane

*Unlike Mark Kirk (site).  Of course.
**Unlike Rob Portman (site).  Naturally.
***Parroting Sharron Angle (site).  Big surprise there.
****Rubio? Don’t be absurd (site).
*****Linda McMahon (site) would certainly like to know…]

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