Sen. Barbara Mikulski (D, MD) and the imaginary Berwick confirmation hearings.

I may need to walk back on my scorn of Rep. Jackson-Lee’s praise of the non-existent relationship between the non-existent nations of North and South Vietnam. If this video below is any indication, then there’s a fairly nasty virus going around Capitol Hill that turns Democratic legislators into memory-impaired, babbling zombies.


Yes, even worse than usual.

Yes, you remember correctly: in point of fact Donald Berwick is not getting a confirmation hearing, largely because the President is too scared of what the GOP will say about this particular radical (and by extension, what the GOP will say about the President’s judgment in wanting to hire said radical). That’s one issue; the other is, apparently Senator Mikulski isn’t… really paying attention to her duties these days.  It beggars belief that the senior Senator from Maryland is unaware of a top-tier controversy and cause for criticism, but it’s self-evident from the video that she didn’t have a clue and was operating largely on autopilot.

So.  Brain fever, you think?  It’s certainly a more charitable conclusion than the alternative, which is that she and Jackson-Lee are as about as sharp as a sack of wet mice.

Moe Lane

PS: Although there is an alternate, admittedly out-there explanation: Rep. Jackson-Lee and Sen. Mikulski might be invaders from a parallel dimension who have infiltrated our universe and taken over the husks of selected legislators, in order to prepare for the inevitable attack.  If true, I’m of two minds on this.  On the one hand, obviously you have to be against invasions from alien dimensions.  On the other hand… they’re apparently from an alternate history where the Democrats didn’t throw South Vietnam on the fire and do have the elementary courage to openly present their appointees for scrutiny, which makes them arguably an improvement over our current ruling class.


PPS: Cynthia Yockey likes Jim Rutledge; it’s embarrassing how little I’m following that Senate race, seeing as I live in Maryland and everything.

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