The Democratic Governors Association Spent $800,000.00 Attacking Barack Obama

I believe that the topical response to this would be “You’re doing it wrong.”

Major Dem donors who wrote checks to the Democratic Governors Association funded a below-the-radar campaign that attacked Pres. Obama and other Dem all-stars, all in hopes of knocking off a strong GOP challenger.


Iowans for Responsible Government is a 527 group founded by Rob Tully, the former state Dem Party chairman. Reports filed with the Internal Revenue Service this morning show the group raised $782K and spent $767K in the second quarter. That money came entirely from the DGA, in 3 contributions in May and June.


…And that money was spent trying – and failing – to get rid of Terry Branstad in the primary by claiming that he was a liberal Obama supporter.  If it had worked, it might have revived Chet Culver’s collapsing campaign; as it stands, it’s over three quarters of a million dollars of Democratic money piled on the ground and set on fire.   Branstad can now point to pretty much any criticism that he’s not conservative enough and plausibly claim that it’s just more Democratic smear-mongering.  He’s already started.  I imagine that Reps. Bruce Bailey and Leonard Boswell aren’t too happy about this, either: both need top-ticket support this cycle if they want to survive.

All in all, one wonders if the funds might have been better spent supporting White, Sheehan, Patrick, Brown, Quinn, Goddard, O’Malley, Strickland… actually, at this point it’d be easier to find a Democratic gubernatorial nominee who isn’t in trouble right now.


And, given these kinds of stupid antics, I guess that there’s a reason for that.

Moe Lane

PS: Add insult to injury: contribute to the RGA.

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