June Democracy Corps poll results: DOOM.

This is the sexiest title of a political poll survey that you’re going to read all year: “Democracy Corps June Survey: Grim Stability Will Require Race-by-Race Fight” …and the bad news continues for page after page. Six point gap on generic Congressional ballot, dissatisfaction with the way the country’s going now at 2006 levels and rising, Democrats now on the wrong side (or right side, from my point of view) of the ‘Who’s looking out for you?’ question… and that last one should probably worry Democrats the most, as it’s directly attacking the Left’s own self-image in a way that I couldn’t hope to duplicate. Carville and Greenberg’s conclusion is particularly… there may not be a word in English that conveys the sense of weary nihilism, coupled with an obligatory advocating of a cynical policy that you know isn’t going to work – but it’s either amputate the hand now or amputate the arm later:


Democratic candidates should run as outsiders and independents that battle to change Washington.

Jennifer Rubin had the same reaction to me to that nonsense (or perhaps, I had the same reaction as her):

What are they supposed to say to fellow Democrats – “Many of you are going to lose but life after public office isn’t so bad” ? That would at least have the advantage of candor.

Candor is an advantage for the Democratic party? Is this a new thing?

Moe Lane

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