SEIU to GOP: please target the following races...

…because they’re going to be written off:

  • Larry Kissell (NC-08)
  • Mike McMahon (NY-13)
  • Michael Arcuri (NY-24)
  • Zach Space (OH-18)

At least, that’s my impression from this petulant whine from the SEIU about the way that they were forced to spend ten million dollars to lose the Lincoln/Halter race, and how they’re not going to support the Senator anyway, so there.  She can just go down in defeat, the mean woman anti-union Democrat.


Yes.  This stance will no doubt please Lincoln’s fellow Arkansas Democrats Gov. Mike Beebe (opponent: Jim Keet), candidate Chad Causey (opponent: Rick Crawford), candidate Joyce Elliot (opponent: Tim Griffin), candidate David Whittaker (opponent: Steve Womack), and of course Rep. Mike Ross (opponent: Beth Anne Rankin).  It will certainly please John Boozman, who already knows that Lincoln is doomed, anyway.  And it’s definitely going to please you and me, because we remember what happened when Creigh Deeds imploded in Virginia.

Hmm.  Perhaps my definition of ‘please’ isn’t the same as an Arkansas Democrat’s.

Moe Lane

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