They CAN be taught!

Personally, I would have thought that any group stupid enough to send in a blockade runner named after a useful idiot who tried to play chicken with a bulldozer would be unteachable, but score one for the human survival reflex:


Israeli naval commandos seized an Irish-owned aid ship [MV Rachel Corrie] headed for Gaza Saturday morning, officials said.

The Israel military said it boarded the ship by sea with the compliance of the crew 35 kilometers (22 miles) off the Gaza coast.

“As far as I know there was no resistance or violence on the boat,” Israel Defense Forces spokeswoman Avital Leibovich told CNN.

The boat was carrying cement, which is on Israel’s prohibited-substances list: Hamas uses the stuff to build bunkers against the day where the Israelis get tired of Gazan terrorists shooting off rockets aimed at Jewish schoolchildren. Which the people who sent the cement know very, very well.  Nonetheless: well done in learning this stimulus: response thing, peace activists! Your educations continue apace: why, if you keep it up and work at it, you might even someday reach the moral plateau currently occupied by cyanobacteria…

Moe Lane

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