Did you think that anti-reform in South Carolina has any limits?

If you did, let me break it to you:  no, it doesn’t.

The video (via Palmetto State Politics) is here: flip ahead to 5:53, where Lt. Governor candidate Larry Richter casually calls into question the combat service of Lt. Governor candidate Bill Connor. Repeatedly.  With a smirking sneer and a greasy awareness that he won’t get decked for it.  Some points to address there:


See more at Ace of Spades and Blackfive.

Erick was scrupulous about separating out his approval of Bill Connor from the official approval of RedState, and I’ll do the same: it is merely my opinion that voters next Tuesday give both Nikki and Bill an outright majority in the primary.  It will be an inadequate substitute for having Larry Richter, Jake Knotts, Andre Bauer, et al horsewhipped – but we live in an imperfect world.


Nikki Haley.
Bill Connor.

Moe Lane

PS: If you’re wondering why anti-reform politicians in South Carolina are this abjectly stupid, the answer’s pretty simple: they’re not used to scrutiny.  This is one of the first major election cycles that they’ve had since YouTube came along. They’re not really good at covering up – and neither are their pet bloggers. And no, I don’t mean Stacy McCain there.


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