EPA head to fundraise for DSCC while oil spreads.

Priorities, folks: priorities.  Apparently Lisa Jackson figures that if Interior Dept CoS Tom Strickland could go white-water rafting while the oil spread, she can go raise money for the Democrats:


As the Obama administration struggles to contain the massive oil spill threatening the Louisiana coast, one of its top environmental officials will be the featured attraction at a fundraiser for Senate Democrats next week in Manhattan, at which donors are promised they can speak to her about their “issues of concern.”

I have an ‘issue of concern:’ the Governor of Louisiana is shouting at the federal government to sign off on emergency sand berms to keep the oil away from wetlands; and the administration is dithering. So, several questions, here:

  • When was the EPA planning to help with that?
  • Was the EPA planning to help with that at all?
  • If it’s not… why?  I mean, I can guess, but the nicest answer implies rank partisanship on Jackson’s part, and rapidly degenerates from there.  And I mean really rapidly degenerates.

Lisa Jackson can answer these at her leisure: after all, it’s not like there’s an acute ecological crisis going on right now…

Moe Lane


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