Kaitlan Collins Is the Wayback Tweet Machine's Latest Victim

CNN White House correspondent Kaitlan Collins talks during a live shot in front of the White House, Wednesday, July 25, 2018, in Washington. Collins says the White House denied her access to President Donald Trump's Rose Garden statement with the European Union Commission president because officials found her earlier questions "inappropriate." (AP Photo/Alex Brandon)

Though CNN reporter Kaitlan Collins is from conservative Alabama and started her career at Tucker Carlson’s Daily Caller, she’s definitely not a fan of Trump or Republicans these days. That’s not necessarily a bad thing if she’s supposed to be an objective reporter, but we all know that doesn’t fly at CNN.


She recently joined with her friends at CNN in tearing apart Brett Kavanaugh’s yearbook and college beer-drinking habits, but it looks like she had actual youthful indiscretions of her own – and of the kind that can sometimes be fatal in SJW-land.

Those were somewhat tame compared to tweets that were found later.


Collins has since issued the standard, “I was young and ignorant and I’m sorry” apology.

Age hasn’t done away with ignorance, in this case.

It’s cute how these reporters are acting like Trump’s finance stuff is new. Very little in that report was new. But the leftist media know the general public has an extremely short attention span and almost no memory, so they trot it out again when they need outrage.


Should she be raked over the coals for this? If we were in a normal environment I would say no. We all said stupid things to our friends as a teenager or in college, and probably used words that would now be considered slurs. I doubt Collins was truly attempting to put down gay people, and hey, having grown up in Alabama she probably really didn’t know how lesbians would have sex. In a normal environment I’d give everyone the benefit of the doubt and argue they shouldn’t be damaged by offhand comments they made years ago.

In a normal environment, I’d agree with the Reagan Battalion.

But, this isn’t a normal environment. While Collins may be a wonderful person, she’s been part of the problem. Her network would have a field day with these tweets had they been tweeted by a Fox News reporter – which was quickly pointed out.



I agree that trying to get someone fired for old tweets is BS. None of us would have a job if all of our internal thoughts were on social media.


Collins should not be fired for this. What she should do (but she won’t) is realize how much she’s bought into the elitist mentality of her colleagues and the double standard she applies. She and the rest of the media tried to ruin a man’s life with zero evidence.


Her hypocrisy needs to be called out. The double standard needs to be called out. The more we show the American people who these people really are, the faster we will be able to dismantle the Leftist Media Complex.

Live by the sword, die by the sword, or something.


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