Water Cooler 2/1/19 Open Thread - Vee Have Vays of Making You Believe

Blessings RedStaters, and Thank God Its Friday!

You Are Trapped In A Reeducation Camp

After another week reading and hearing the bizarre stories I see everyday here in contemporary America, I had collected some ideas for our Friday Water Cooler, but as I look over my reminders, I conclude I’ve said them all.  Many of you have said them all.  Why is it that we’ve said them all, but we are still getting told that we are wrong, racist, misogynist, sexist, stupid?  Like in the movie “Groundhog Day” we wake up, realize the day is going just like yesterday, try to have the right responses to change the situation only to wake up the next day and everything is exactly like it was the day before.  We see the same things, hear the same messages, get accused of the same crimes against humanity.  It hits me that the repetitive lunacy is not a bug, it’s a feature. Actually THE feature.  We’re in a reeducation camp, except the Mao’s running this operation boldly enacted an improvement – instead of rounding us up and bringing us in for our reeducation, they send out the reeducation to us.  At school.  At work.  In our “news”.  In our sports pages.  In our music.  In commercials.  In our movies.  All the great soul-breaking repetition of the evil messages, without the need to cover room and board.  Genius.


In the end there is a good long list of truths you had better accept, and you are just not “getting the message.”  Their demonic plan is to hit you with this repeatedly until you absorb it and believe it, or die off shunned and mocked.   That’s their plan.

Here’s part of the list.  You are supposed to “get with this program:”

  1. Some people are really smart
  2. You are not one of them
  3. The smart people are a subset of leftists (by definition)
  4. They should be empowered to run things
  5. You should stand down
  6. For your own good and for the good of those around you
  7. There is no God
  8. Or if there is, he is a leftist.  By definition
  9. We humans don’t need one in any case, because we are really awesome!
  10. People are basically good
  11. Especially when we “tell truth to power”
  12. And so he wants us to decide what is true and what is not
  13. And to question any authority outside ourselves
  14. But not the authority of ourselves
  15. And to follow our hearts, or better yet “heart of hearts”
  16. Everybody has a right to stuff.  Lots of it
  17. Except people who have stuff
  18. Women are better than men
  19. Men are so “last millenium”
  20. They are also evil and lazy
  21. And stupid
  22. Unless they are women
  23. Or are submissive to their betters (women)
  24. Police are evil
  25. Government is good
  26. Where government has a problem it is that they don’t have enough funding
  27. So it’s patriotic to tax tax tax
  28. And they have to fight against neanderthals like you.  There are so many of you
  29. The more that you are seen or heard on TV, the wiser you are
  30. Your betters should be judged within the context of all the good that they do
  31. You should be judged “guilty
  32. You should give up food other than “Bio Spooge” to save the planet
  33. You should give up water, heat, cars, and any concept of personal space to save the planet
  34. They should jet off to Junketopia to discuss saving the planet
  35. Abortion (and now infanticide) on demand is “settled law”
  36. The 2nd Amendment of the Constitution of the US is an opinion of paranoid racist xenophobe haters

Wow this could go on awhile – but why don’t we do this together below in the comments.  What parts of the “program” that we are supposed to get would you add?

Anti-Reeducation Part 1 – The Truth

Who am I going to believe, God?  Or those who hate God?

  1. Some people are really smart
  2. You are not one of them
  3. The smart people are a subset of leftists (by definition)
  4. They should be empowered to run things
  5. You should stand down
  6. For your own good and for the good of those around you

A quick google search gives a many good verses re wisdom, including:

Ecclesiastes 10:2
The heart of the wise inclines to the right, but the heart of the fool to the left. (NIV)

many others on leadership – a sampling:

Exodus 18:21 ESV
Moreover, look for able men from all the people, men who fear God, who are trustworthy and hate a bribe, and place such men over the people as chiefs of thousands, of hundreds, of fifties, and of tens.

We can go through the whole list of reeducation planks and respond in the same way.

Anti-Reeducation Part 2 – Mock And Have Fun With It!

Introducing a new game – (ANTI)REEDUCATION BINGO!  Will be great at parties, family game night, or especially with a group of friends out in a public space.

  • Complete a list of at least 75 numbered items using the above, ones from comments below (now is your chance to lock your planks in infamy).
  • Buy a set of bingo cards, or print your own
  • The participants start going through the local newspaper, and checking which reeducation planks you find in the articles.  When you encounter one, the text is read aloud for everyone to hear, and the number is “called”.
  • Continue as per standard rules – BINGO!


These are crazy times my friends.  May the God who is perfect and made all things see us faithfully through as we remember that we are here for his glory.  Point to Him in all things.  We will not have a great America until we have a Godly America!





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