Water Cooler 8/24 Open Thread - the Truth is Fake News, Rats in DC

Hello RedStaters, and… Thank God it’s Friday!  Here’s hoping that you and yours are living the Psalm 23 life, protected by the Good Shepherd, made to lie down in green pastures, led beside still waters, soul restored.  In this world the Lord gives us free will to love, hate, heal or wound, lift up or crush.  There is nothing that we can do or have to protect us and isolate us from the effects of 8 billion people with free will.  But we can rest in him.


When is the Truth “Fake News”

While scanning headlines this week, and reading some articles on various subjects, I saw Paul Manafort found guilty by a jury of 8 of 18 counts against him.  A Trump associate apparently did some bad things, and so I should be up-at-arms and ready to vote for some communist to come in and drive another stake in the heart of the American Experiment.  No thanks.

Liberals and the media see Americans and Trump voters who would still vote for Trump and are bewildered.  The truth is that Trump is surrounded by horrible people, and is a horrible person.  Right?

I submit that this is not the truth even if the fact is that Manafort did all 18 of the things he was charged with.  (I am not defending Manafort or Trump here).  This is not “The Truth” because it is not the “Whole Truth”.  It ignores the facts of many guilty parties on the left walking free because the prosecution persecution is selectively applied.  There is a reason that jurors swear to tell “the truth,, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth – without this, we don’t have the truth.  The truth used to be worth something.  Without it, media approval is lower than the President’s.  It is not healthy for our country that we, our leaders, and our media have such a loose relationship with the truth.


Rats overrunning DC

Wow, what can I say on this one?  Self-servants versus public servants.  It’s too obvious a joke to work with.  Disappointingly, the article was communicating something else altogether.


There’s a little to seed the discussion today.  May your day and your week be blessed, restful in the care of the Good Shepherd.



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