Water Cooler 1/26/17 Open Thread - Starbucks Disappoints, Missing Texts, Immigration Framework.

TGIF RedStaters, and welcome to Friday’s open thread!

Starbucks Disappoints

Starbucks earnings yesterday missed analysts’ expectations.  Is this the latest installment of backlash against SJW crusading corporations?  Did Starbucks’ drinks suck any more this year than last?  Or is something else going on?


While we are discussing possible coincidences:

  • I haven’t been in a Target in approx 2 years.
  • I haven’t watched an NFL game in a year.
  • I haven’t been in a Starbucks in a year.
  • I seem to have missed several movies that prominently feature preachy progressive messages and messengers.


Missing FBI Texts Found?

I also see that the FBI seems to have “found” “the” missing texts that may be relevant to investigations of bias against or even subversion of  our sitting President.  At least as written in this article, these texts seem to have come from the phones of those under investigation.  Could have been this week for all we know.  We might have some serious chain-of-custody and conflict of interest issues here, don’t you think?


An Immigration Framework – Part A – The Target


Also yesterday, the White House released an immigration proposal, or framework, depending on the article.  In my mind we are far too quick to jump to the “DEAL”, and we don’t even agree on the target.  Here is a quick sketch of The Target, in my view.

  • It is both moral and reasonable that the United States, as a government of, by, and for the people should control passage of its borders.  Our National Security, and our ability to positively influence the world at large, is dependent on a secure border.
  • People exist outside our borders who share our American values, and would contribute positively to our country.  Many people in this bucket may be the BEST representatives of our American values as they have a visceral understanding of the beauty of our American system and the failings of the alternatives.  It is often in our interests to let them in.
  • People exist outside our borders who do not share our American values, and who would harm our people and/or our interests.  It is in our interests to keep them out.
  • There are American citizens who don’t value or respect American values.  This is a tragedy, and does not need to be compounded by diluting our values further.
  • Immigration should be used as a tool to reinforce our American values, not dilute them.
  • Citizenship is a privilege, not a right.  No one has the right to demand it.  We have the right to offer it to the right people.
  • Birthright citizenship in today’s open borders climate is an affront to law and order and should be stopped.

What would you change about the target or principles shown here?  What components of a deal would you like to see that would help resolve our current broken system?

Any thoughts about this or any other topic on this fine day?


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