Water Cooler 12/22/2017 The Star of Bethlehem; Open Thread

TGIF RedStaters and welcome to Friday’s Open Thread!  As we close out 2017, and are days away from Christmas – first a quick “thank you” to all of you.  RedState editors, contributors, sponsors, readers.  I am thankful and have enjoyed the chance to contribute to this community and many “friends” that I have not met personally but have come to know better through writings and comments.  May God bless you richly this Christmas and always.  Many of you know Him, others may be running from Him (as I did for twenty years) – but all of us are known and loved by Him.  Here is my gift to all of you this Christmas that you may know Him better.


The Star of Bethlehem

The Bible talks about how magi found Jesus by following a “star”.  A myth? fairy tale?  An hour of your time may give you one more reason to trust that God is real and convince you that God had planned that event from before the beginning of time (documenting it as prophesy many hundreds of years prior to Jesus’ birth).

One man, inspired to research the Nativity Star, has produced an explanation for it that ties together scripture and an astronomical event which can be shown in off-the-shelf astronomy SW.  I find the work beyond compelling.  What a great God we have!  Watch and consider:

Merry Christmas!



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