Who Knew? Alphabet Networks Do 180 on Dumping Biden, Now Praise His 'Defiant,' 'Daring' Challenge

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In this episode of You Can't Make It Up, They Already Did...

The broadcast networks (ABC, CBS, and NBC) attempted a dizzily-defying 180 on their Tuesday morning shows by declaring Joe Biden to be both "defiant" and "daring" in his refusal to drop out of the 2024 presidential race, just one day after calling on the embattled president to bow out — either of his own volition or because of insurmountable opposition from within the Democrat Party. 


The best example of the above was on ABC’s "Good Morning America" when co-host George Stephanopoulos jumped back onto the Biden bandwagon, big time — after having done a more-than-adequate job of pressing Biden during their interview that aired on Friday night. Stephanopoulos sang Biden's praises for “daring to challenge potential rivals to challenge him at the convention."

First, the latest on President Biden defiant in the face of calls to bow out of the race, even daring his potential rivals to challenge him at the convention.

ABC's White House correspondent Mary Bruce zealously sang Biden's praises, as well. 

While President Biden is digging in this morning, adamant that he has what it takes to stay in this race, he is launching a full-blown, full-throated defense of that decision, scrambling to reassure Democrats, donors, and voters that he can beat Donald Trump. This morning, President Biden is fighting back, making clear he is not leaving this race.

Biden "launching a full-blown, full-throated defense" of his irrationally defiant attempt to remain in the race, by selfishly caring more about his delusional self, and less about what's good for both his party and his country? Oh, please — give it a rest, Ms. Bruce, you are embarrassing yourself.


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"CBS Mornings" co-host Gayle King was also dialed in to the narrative du jour. 

We're gonna begin, though, with a defiant President Biden pushing back very forcefully against pressure to drop out of this presidential race. On live TV yesterday, he dared anyone in his party to challenge him for the nomination, and now he is winning some key support from members of Congress.

CBS’s White House correspondent Nancy Cordes described Biden’s Monday call on MSNBC’s idiotic "Morning Joe" as a “defiant appearance,” laughably claiming he “turned up the heat on Democratic doubters.” Uh-huh. And how many of those "Democratic doubters" did Joe convince he's sharp as a tack? 

Bruce perfectly summed up, although unintentionally so, Biden's plight.

On fundraising call, Biden promised doubting donors he can beat Donald Trump, saying his plan for the next face-off “Attack, attack, attack." But his administration is also facing new questions about the president's health after visitor logs show a Parkinson's expert visited the White House eight times within an eight-month span, including meeting once with the president's doctor.


Exactly. "Attack, attack, attack," because Joe Biden and the Democrat Party have zero accomplishments on which to run.

The Bottom Line

Biden can "promise" the moon and the stars, but he can no more deliver either of them than he can "promise" he can beat Trump in November — and make it happen. 

Of course he believes he can. Hell, it's the most stunning example that his brain is shot.


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