WATCH: Bill Maher Reverts to Form, Trashes Ten Commandments As 'Dumb' and 'Just About God's Ego'

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I've always been a staunch believer in the axiom, "people revert to form." Even if it sometimes takes a while, it happens more often than not. Whether in a personal relationship, on the job, or politically — sans an epiphany, intervention of the divine, or act of providence — people revert to form.


Today's example is host Bill Maher, who on this week's episode of HBO's "Real Time" said the following about the Ten Commandments:

There's no morals, hardly any morals in the Ten Commandments anyway. I found them. Okay. Really. The first four are all just about God's ego...

It  can be summed up, thusly, as Newsbusters' Alex Christy did:

When it comes to HBO’s Bill Maher, you can sometimes take the liberalism out of the atheist, but you cannot take the atheism out of the liberal.

I'd add this: Even a blind pig finds an acorn every now and then. RedState — this writer, included — has published numerous articles about Maher in which he almost came across as a conservative convert. 

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But let's be clear: Maher is a left-winger, through and through, and he will never change.

Did I mention that while Maher was trashing the Ten Commandments, his guests were weaselly former Democrat congressman and current CNN simp, Adam Kinzinger, and disgraced former New York Governor Andrew Cuomo? (Although, to be fair, Cuomo actually blasted Biden and defended Trump, on the show.)


In reaction to Louisiana passing a law that mandates the Ten Commandments be displayed in all public school classrooms, Maher didn't just attack the law from a First Amendment, separation of church and state, position; he also claimed the Ten Commandments themselves are just a “dumb, ancient Bronze Age list,” that's “all about God and His big f***ing ego.” (Emphasis, mine.)

There's no morals, hardly any morals in the Ten Commandments anyway. I found them. Okay. Really. The first four are all just about God's ego, thou shalt not have other gods before me, thou shalt not worship false idols, thou shalt not take the name of the Lord in vain, remember the Sabbath and keep it holy. It's all about God and His big f***ing ego

Number five: honor thy mother and father, like you couldn't have figured that out on your own. The only two that are laws, thou shalt not kill, thou shall not steal, then there's adultery, ha, ha, Donald Trump.

Bear false witness, which I guess is lying and not covet thy neighbor’s s**t, you know, it's just a dumb, ancient Bronze Age list, it doesn't have rape, slavery or child abuse on it.

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While it's one thing for a person of one faith to disavow the tenets of another faith, it's quite another to ridicule those tenets, let alone as a public personality who often attempts to paint himself as objective. Frankly, I'd say it's beneath Bill Maher, but I've seen this left-wing leopard's spots reemerge more times than not.

The Bottom Line

It's a fool's game to think Bill Maher "gets it," regardless of the few times he sounds like he does.




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