MUST HEAR: 18-Year-Old Artist's Pro-Life Hit 'I Was Gonna Be' Soars Into Top 10 on iTunes Country Charts

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One of the joys of my job as a conservative political pundit is finding a story that transcends politics and affects the deepest emotions of the truly moral people across this great country. This is one such story.


Eighteen-year-old country music artist Rachel Holt's recently-released song "I Was Gonna Be," written from the view of a baby that never got a chance to be born, has rocketed to the top ten country music songs on iTunes.

Nashville hitmaker Chris Wallin, who's been behind country music hits for mega-stars Garth Brooks, Montgomery Gentry, Kenny Chesney, Toby Keith, and Trace Adkins, talked about why he wrote the song in a recent interview with Breitbart.

When asked what it felt like for a song like “I Was Gonna Be” to crack the top ten, Wallin said:

I’m just humbled honestly. When I first started writing this song I didn’t think anyone would ever actually sing it. I wrote it because I thought something had to be said.

Wallin said he started writing the song himself, adding: "I didn't think anyone would have the courage to sing this." The mega-hit writer was wrong. Halfway through writing the song, he met an 18-year-old newcomer from Indiana named Rachel Holt. Wallin said he immediately knew he'd found his singer. 

I played her the song and her first words, she goes, "I’m singing that song." She told Wallin, “I think a lot of the songs that girls my age listen to never talk about real life. And that’s what I want to do.”

And what a song it's become.

Wallin said he explained to Holt that recording lyrics like these doesn’t come without significant risk; he wanted Rachel to understand that “I Was Gonna Be” wasn’t just any song and that “there are people who are going to be visceral about this song — on both sides. Good and bad.” Holt's response required just three words: “I don’t care.”


Wallin said Holt fully understood the political risk and charged atmosphere surrounding pro-abortion and pro-life, particularly within her age group.

She’s 18 years old and she’s 100 percent traditional values and she isn’t scared to talk and sing about it. And that’s so important these days. Everything that’s going on, to have a young woman perform this song is all the more important.


"I Was Gonna Be" Lyrics

Again, written from the perspective of an unborn child.

Some don’t believe I’m a living soul

Just a bad mistake that needs to go

If my mama coulda just seen my face

Maybe she woulda had me anyway

There are those who speak for me

Who fight for lives that they can’t see

But there are some who only mourn?

This life of mine if I were born?

All I wanted was a chance

To learn to love and laugh and dance

But I was gone before I arrived

Sent back to heaven on a starlight flight

Yeah I was gonna change the world

I was gonna be a girl

The first thing I was gonna do

Was breathe and fall in love with you

But a couple weeks before I saw the light

Mine flickered out when you changed your mind

All I wanted was a chance

To learn to love and laugh and dance

But I was gone before I arrived

Sent back to heaven on a starlight flight

I was gonna have some pretty curls

Yeah I was gonna be a girl

I’m more than just some one night stand

Or some burden that you think I am

And there ain’t no man ever gonna be

What I was gonna be

Some don’t believe I’m a living soul

Just a bad mistake that needs to go


Wallin, who serves as head of A&R (artists and repertoire) for Baste Records, said his label wanted to release "I Was Gonna Be" on the first day of National Celebrate Life Weekend, which is just days ahead of the anniversary of the overturning of Roe v. Wade, but ran into multiple obstacles, including finding promotional sponsors. 

We did not leave one stone unturned when it came to calling up and talking to pro-life groups. None of them would get on board with us with this at the end.

Eventually the sponsorship was secured, however -- and the rest is history. Maybe, just maybe, it can be the future, as well.

Meanwhile, from the pro-"choice" crowd:

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