Crazed Carville Wants White House to Compel Media to Help Defeat Trump

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I think it's safe to say we're there. Where is "there"? In this case, veteran Democrat activist-operative James Carville is openly calling for the creation of a White House-led "enforcement mechanism" to compel the lapdog media to directly help embattled Joe Biden beat Donald Trump in November.


We first go back to May, when New York Times editor Joe Kahn said the duty of his paper is to cover news that Americans care about rather than what helps Biden or hurts Trump, while Biden aides were reportedly urging officials to criticize the NYT’s coverage that didn't help Biden or hurt Trump.

The Biden aides' plan wasn't good enough for Carville. Not even close.

On his “Politics War Room” podcast, the Ragin' Cajun — the lead strategist in Bill Clinton's winning 1992 presidential campaign — called on the Biden White House to go a huge step further by telling the media more specifically what to cover and “have some kind of enforcement mechanism” in place by which to do so. 

Emphasis, mine.

I call it the problem of the mosquito in a news colony. You got to pick a spot, alright, and there’s so many things about Trump. He’s crooked, he’s treasonous, he uses racism, he’s incompetent, he’s vulgar, he’s a sexual predator. By the way, twenty-six women have credibly accused him of sexual improprieties, alright. But you get one and the next day it’s something else, and you’re jumping around.

There has to be, and this is where I fault the White House. The president needs to give a speech in fifteen minutes, and they poll, and they know. I mean, don’t kid yourself, they know exactly. Tell us what negative to accentuate. And then you can have some kind of enforcement mechanism

Hopefully, we get this in the debate, that there’s a coherent line of attack coming out of Biden against Trump, so that we can all pick it up. But then one segment on MSNBC is in one place, the Times columnist, you know, Krugman, is in another place and E. J. Dionne somewhere else and Eugene Robinson is over there. And it’s ten different people in ten different places and that’s not effective.


Think about what Carville just said — and we'd be foolish to believe he's the Lone Ranger on this. 

James Carville is openly calling for the (Democrat-led) government to put a mechanism in place to not only tell its sycophantic media what to report — and not report — but also to compel said media to "immediately" poll after a Biden speech and "tell us what negative [about Trump] to accentuate." 

That is chilling — particularly because that kind of talk, not all that long ago, would have been dismissed on both sides of the aisle as the ravings of a crackpot zealot. No more. That ship has sailed, and yes, the reality is chilling as hell.

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Final Thoughts

Imagine, for a nanosecond, the histrionic repercussions on the left if, oh, Steve Bannon, for example, had called on the Trump White House to create an enforcement mechanism to compel Fox News to do exactly what James Carville is calling on the Biden White House to do.


I think I'll leave this one right here.



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